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Frequently asked questions

We respond to the most frequently asked questions about MasteringBOX. Please read these questions before reaching to us.

What is Audio Mastering?

Audio Mastering is the final stage of the audio production process wherein recordings are optimized for release, increasing the overall sound quality and loudness via equalization, multi-band compression, peak limiting, dithering, and other processes. We recommend reading our article fully explaining what is mastering

Do all tracks need Mastering?

Yes, you should master all your tracks before release. Even if you are working on a demo, mastering will help the improve overall sound and loudness. MasteringBOX can help you master your tracks in minutes to always get the best our of your projects, hassle free.

How should I prepare my track for mastering?

We have created an article to guide you on how to prepare your track for mastering. We recommend that you read it before exporting your mix for mastering.

How can a machine master my track?

MasteringBOX is designed by professional sound engineers with years of experience. We've created a smart artificial intelligence that detects the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the track and applies the appropriate adjustments.

What is the difference between Mixing and Mastering?

Audio Mixing is the stage where each of your song’s separate instruments and sounds can be treated and processed individually. They then combine into a singular stereo mixdown ready for mastering. Audio Mastering is where the stereo mixdown is enhanced, balanced, and adjusted to ensure continuity across sound systems as well as an industry-standard, release-ready sound. Want to know more? Read our article about the differences between mixing and mastering.

Should I use MasteringBOX or hire a Mastering Engineer?

MasteringBOX does not necessarily compete with professional mastering studios. Indeed, it may not quite achieve the same balanced sound that a talented mastering engineer can achieve in a suitably-equipped professional mastering studio. MasteringBOX is, however, a sophisticated mastering tool — one that is fast, easy to use, and affordable. As such, why not try MasteringBOX? Mastering engineers are always available at significantly higher rates to anyone not satisfied with its results, after all.

What is the refund policy?

We have a 14-day satisfaction guaranteed refund policy. If you are not satisfied and you have mastered less than 3 tracks with your premium account we will refund your order.

I forgot to cancel my plan and I got charged for the next period. Can I get a refund?

We give a 14-day grace period. You are eligible for a refund if you contact us within that time, as long as you haven't used the premium features during that time.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from your account. Go to billing & plan and click on cancel. You can still use the premium features until the pre-paid period ends. You can reactivate the automatic renewal before the subscription expires.

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