New “Order Single WAV” option & Subscription updates

Many of you asked for a single WAV mastering option, so here it is! Now you can order a master delivered in WAV format without having to purchase a subscription, simple and easy!

Pricing for individual WAV masters is 9€/Track, if you already have a PRO Account and you don’t have any masters left in the current month and need WAV output, you can enjoy a 50% discount and master your remaining songs for just 4.5€/Track.

We’ve also updated subscription pricing, we will no longer offer monthly subscriptions for new subscribers, instead, we will offer annual subscriptions at a discounted price. You can subscribe to the PRO Account for 7€/Month (84€/Year), To Unlimited for 14€/month (168€/Year) and Studio Account for 29€/month (348€/Year).

Very soon we will add a new output format, so…stay tuned!

Post image under Creative Commons Attribution License by Ben Mortimer

EDIT: Update with current pricing.

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  1. rdm says:

    Are you guys able to offer a feature where if you upload a track for mastering. you are able to download say wav but if need the mp3 version you dont need to upload the track again. instead just go into the previously saved track and settings?

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