Mastering Giveaway: Two 1-Year UNLIMITED Account for FREE!

Mastering Giveaway

Win an UNLIMITED Account on MasteringBOX for 2 Year absolutely FREE! Likes & Share to enter this mastering giveaway.

UPDATE: Contest ended, there were 288 entries in total and the winners are…

Manggz P Manggz: 1 Year Unlimited Account.

Melvin MG Howard: 1 Year Unlimited Account.


This draw has been done using RandomPicker, you can see the contest project, entries and winners here:×69691

But, what is MasteringBOX? Most of you will already know, but here’s a short explanation for those who don’t. MasteringBOX is an instant audio mastering platform with a sophisticated algorithm that detects the dynamic and spectral characteristics for your track and process it accordingly. The perfect mastering solution for music producers, independent artists, rappers, etc. Now can master your tracks in an easy, fast and affordable way.

How do I join the contest?

Now, let’s get to business! To join this contest and enjoy unlimited FREE audio mastering with MasteringBOX you only have to like us on FacebookTwitter, Google Plus or Instagram and share our Giveaway post and you will get the chance to obtain our premium service valued in 168€! Share it in all social media and get more chances to win. You will also need a MasteringBOX account so we can provide the premium account if you win.

We will give away an extra UNLIMITED account for every 100 entries to the contest!! Yes, that is correct! If 1000 people join, we will give 10 accounts!

Here we explain how to join our Mastering giveaway on each social media.

If you use Facebook:

  1. Like MasteringBOX on Facebook
  2. Share this post, make sure to make it public or we won’t be able to count your share.

If you rather use Twitter:

  1. Follow MasteringBOX on Twitter 
  2. Re-tweet this Tweet.

With Google Plus:

  1. Like MasteringBOX on Google
  2. Share this post.

Finally, with Instagram:

  1. Follow MasteringBOX on Instagram
  2. Like this picture.

You can also follow us on ALL the social media and you will have 4X chances to win!

Contest submissions will close on September 29 and the draw will be on October 4 using RandomPicker. The winners will be shared publicly on the website and social media and their account will be upgraded to an Unlimited account for 1 YEAR.

What are you waiting for? Join now!

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