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Why Collaboration is the Key to Success

Why Collaboration is the Key to Success


So why bother with collaboration?

Original content is harder to come by in our digital age. It has never been easier for people to pick up music production. Setting out on your own can be difficult and sometimes it’s great to have somebody to help kick start the creative process. There is a lot to learn before you can even get started and it can be incredibly off-putting to many brilliant people. I would consider it a great shame if someone was unable to create a ground breaking song simply because they didn’t know how to record it. This article aims to outline some of the reasons why collaboration is a key to success and ensuring great new creations.

Who do you know?

As we all know, the music industry is dense and can be difficult to break into. It’s often not what you know but who you know. By reaching out to other artists, you can expand your network. Not only can you create new musical ideas but they can often lead you on to further connections. Secondly, having a new pair of ears can be invaluable in finalising projects. Too often we struggle to commit to our works due to uncertainty. A fresh approach will often fill in that final piece of the puzzle and lead to an expansion of our own understanding.

Surround yourself with true believers

A slightly broader association of collaboration is the birth of new ideas. It often takes a big push to set up a new musical movement which requires a great deal of time and energy. Having a great team on board can certainly ease this. Whether you’re attempting to launch your music or create a whole new genre, you need momentum and determination. A strong team of hardworking individuals who truly believe in you is certain to ease this.

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Furthermore to the importance of a good team for implementation, reliable people are also essential for scaling. If you want to grow a brand, you need people to go out and sell it. Much is the same within music. It must be acknowledged that social media allows us to do a lot more a lot quicker these days. However, this reigns true for everybody and more content means more work needs to be done to be seen. If you can get like-minded people on your side, your social presence can increase exponentially (read: Employing Music YouTube Channels to Grow Your Audience).

Never stop learning

Collaboration is a fantastic way to learn. We should never be so proud that we refuse to take advice. Often the most unlikely of people can give us the best lessons. Why? It’s our differences. The variations in approach between similar people often open up unexplored possibilities. Adaptation is important for success and so the more you know, the more you can progress.

The catapult of success

Collaboration can be a great way to propel yourself into the forefront without much of the grind that usually comes with success. Plenty of careers have been launched off of the back of a single feature on a bigger artist’s song. Whilst this may be seen as a dirty way to the top, the work has to be put in to stay on top and we shouldn’t diminish the intuition and business acumen that these people display. If the opportunity to grab your dreams comes along, you’re going to take it no matter what right?


Take every opportunity that gets thrown at you. Even if you don’t see the purpose at that moment, you never know what you may learn from the experience. Millions of creative ideas float around the human brain every day and often the key to their realisation is meeting the right people. One collaboration may lead to another and before you know it you’re breaking through to the top in a way you never imagined. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Push your potential to its maximum and achieve success.

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