How to master a track using MasteringBOX

In this short tutorial, I’ll show you how to master your track in less than a minute using MasteringBOX…and for free!

To start using MasteringBOX, simply drag and drop your track, or browse on your computer. For best results using MasteringBOX, we recommend reading the helpful Blog post on ‘How to prepare your track for Mastering’.

Once you reach to the preview page you will first listen to your original track, and then the mastered version, click on “original” and “mastered” to check the differences between them. If you like what you hear, sign up to the FREE account directly on the preview page, just enter your nickname, email, and password and hit enter.

Now you can send the track for mastering, but first,  maybe you want to click on “Change Settings”  to adjust Loudness or EQ. To adjust Loudness simply select the desired target Loudness and the system will automatically adjust compression and limiting settings to obtain it. This is, of course, an important feature for those wishing to achieve similar loudness levels in all the tracks destined for inclusion on the same album, for instance. Each style will require different loudness levels, bear in mind that raising the loudness too much will cause over-compression and unnatural sound. Click “Update Preview” to listen to the new version.

PRO Account and PRO Unlimited subscribers can also adjust EQ, via three knobs allowing for Low, Mid, and Hi gain control— superficially similar to a shelving EQ, though the central frequency and Q parameters of each band are, in fact, dynamically set by the mindful MasteringBOX system itself in accordance with the track’s spectral response.

Now that you have your master the way you like save the settings, choose the output format and send the master, FREE Accounts can only choose WEB OPTIMIZED output in MP3, if you want uncompressed WAV output you can upgrade to a PRO Account or a PRO unlimited account.

Done! Your master is now ready, just click here to download it. You can also download your previous masters on my account. If you like MasteringBOX, why not share it with your friends? They will sure appreciate it too!

MasteringBOX. Mastering Made Easy.

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  1. PierreXuso says:

    I’ve compared my mastered file and yours. Sorry, but the automatic makes only louder and exceeds the 0dB limit. I can do that too …

  2. didac says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the results, however the mastered file doesn’t exceed 0dB, there’s a limiter to achieve loudness, in fact exceeding 0dB is technically impossible, clipping would occur instead. Please note that some DAWs mark 0dB as clipping, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the file is clipping.

  3. yetyet says:

    Hace poco hice una suscripcion por un año ya que tras probar las demos en mp3 me parecio muy buena herramienta para masterizar mis trabajos,los resultados son bastante profesionales,tan solo un par de sugerencias:
    cuando se escucha la previa donde en teoria podemos modificar el volumen,ese monitoreo es aleatorio ,en mi opinion deberia ser una muestra del pasaje que contiene el volumen mas alto,al ser aleatorio podria ser que despues de procesado y descargado nos encontramos con la sorpresa de que hay pasajes con sobrecompresion ,obligandonos a masterizar de nuevo,y este es el segundo punto:los archivos guardados en la nube son los ya procesados cuando en realidad deberian ser los originales subidos ,porque si una vez procesados descargados y escuchados no nos satisface deberemos volver a subir el archivo original para rectificarlo,que si fueran los originales guardados teniendo una opcion de remastering no deberiamos volver a subirlos ,con el tiempo y el espacio en el servidor que eso representa ;Lo dicho ,una muy buena herramienta

  4. didac says:

    Gracias por tu comentario. La muestra que se elige no es aleatoria, se elige una muestra representativa, que no tiene porque ser la misma siempre, pero no es simplemente una muestra al azar.
    En cuanto a la posibilidad de re-masterizar un tema ya subido, el problema es el espacio que ocupan todas las versiones sin masterizar, aunque quizás se podría activar esta opcion durante una semana o similar, lo tendremos en cuenta.

    Thank you for your comment. The sample is not random, we choose a representative sample, that may be different each time.
    We will take in consideration your feedback about re-mastering a file, the problem is the storage, but maybe we’ll activate this feature in the near future for a limited time after the master is done, maybe a week or so.

  5. sotruequise says:

    After I master using the web site can I download the track to put on a social website or only stream the music for this site

  6. didac says:


    You can download the track of course, if you are using Internet Explorer or Safari just right click on the link and select “save as”.


  7. glennyd says:

    When I upgrade can I master all the mp3s in a folder at once or do I have to select them one by one?

  8. didac says:


    Sorry we don’t have that feature at the moment.


  9. terrance webb says:

    I’m so glad I came across MASTERINGBOX I had a good project and they made it so much more’s great..!

  10. tetrapolis says:

    Great sound and free!!!!
    thank you so very much!!!!

  11. Chris Kele says:

    Hi guys, just a quick question: is it possible to simply upload it into my computer rather than being online when I want to master? Help…

  12. lifeasisrael says:

    Is this the only way to contact someone? Well one question. First I LOVE what you did to my mix. I’m excited. But is this available to those of us in US? Is there a US version with Dollar signs and upgrade payment information?

  13. didac says:


    Yes, you can send us a support message in the support page or you can send us an email to, anyway, replying to your question, you can purchase in the US, the prices are in EURO but you can pay with dollars, PayPal will automatically do the conversion for you.


  14. Aratum says:

    Como podría subir un álbum completo y que el máster aplique a todos los temas en lugar de subir uno a uno?

  15. helptomast says:

    This explanation is simple but gives more priorities to PRO members which makes the website less free.

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