3 Tips for Setting Recording Levels

While recording, there are several factors to consider and get right. But what about before recording? Getting yourself prepared to record is just as important as recording itself (if not more). This means in part proper soundproofing, good mic placement,…

3 Reasons to Use a Metronome

In music, just as in life, consistency matters. There may be times when improvisation, spontaneity, and drawing outside the lines is warranted, but keeping at a steady pace often yields success. For musicians, the most useful tool for maintaining an…

7 Mixing mistakes you need to avoid

There are so many things we can do to improve our mixing, but sometimes we try too hard, we get hear fatige without noticing and we loose the perspective. Here we explain the top 7 mixing mistakes we encounter, and the best of…

New M4a output format

We are glad to announce the new mobile optimized output format option in M4a, which is an extremely efficient loosely format. iTunes store, for instance, uses M4a to deliver the music albums.

Types of EQ

I’m sure most of you have used EQ controls many times, on the stereo, instrument, amp, etc. But there’s a lot of misunderstanding about how certain controls affect the sound, and how the different types of EQ work.

5 easy tips for a better MIX

Hopefully, you’ve recorded your tracks pretty well, and now is time to mix them. Sometimes mixing can be overwhelming, and when you spend too much time mixing your track there’s a point where you lose focus. Here are 5 simple tips that will help…

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