vocal booth

Do You Need a Vocal Booth?

By now you probably know there’s no one way to record or mix anything. In fact, experimenting with different sounds, microphones, environments, and techniques can result in the most unique songs. We’ve already gone over some tips on how to…

free plugins for mac

The 25 Best Mac Free Plugins

High-quality audio equipment can really hollow out your pockets. It makes sense, then, that musicians, engineers, and producers of all skill levels constantly seek ways to save a buck here or there. Fortunately, many modern DAWs feature hundreds of built-in…

recording a live band

5 Tips for Recording a Live Band in Studio

For several decades now, the recording process has typically been piece-meal. One instrument is tracked by itself, then another, then another, until all the parts coalesce into what sounds like a full band playing simultaneously. Of course, there’s good reason…

doubling vocals

Doubling Vocals: How and Why to Do it?

Musicians and music fans alike know how much a good vocal line contributes to a song. Most pop songs these days mostly focus on vocal performance, letting the other instrumentation take a back seat for the most part. The vocals…

A paramteric EQ showing a very muddy mix

6 Ways to Help Improve a Muddy Mix

The term ‘muddy’ is a very common word when it comes to audio. For those of you who aren’t aware of the term or perhaps don’t fully understand it, a definition is as follows. Mud typically refers to the frequency…

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