We know Mastering can be tough to understand, and it has a slow learning curve. We are enthusiasts of music and we want to help other musicians, making the production process easier.

This is why we created MasteringBOX, the result of years of work and experience in the field. There´s still a lot of room for improvement, and we will continue to work on our Mastering process to bring it to the Max level.

MasteringBOX provides a simple way to Master your tracks, providing better sound and proper loudness to your mix with a fast and easy to use service. You can achieve great results that can compare to professional studio work.

Now there´s a wide new range of possibilities for producers and musicians: Just upload your song, DJ mix or even a live recording, and have it Mastered in less than a minute.

Mastering can drive you crazy until you fully understand how it works, so we wanted to make this tool as simple as possible .

The BOX will do the work for you, and when you hear the result, you´ll be able to control the final Loudness with the Loudness Control tool.

We´ve designed a complex algorithm to analyze, detect and apply different settings to each unique song. The key of a good Mastering is to look after the small details , this is why we focus on detecting what each individual track needs to improve the process.

People like choices , we want to control the result. This is why we developed a simple but powerful Loudness Control . You just change the desired Target Loudness and the system will adjust the settings of compression and limiting to make this happen.

This is an important feature because you´ll want similar levels for all the tracks on the same album.

Premium subscribers can also adjust EQ via three knobs allowing for Low, Mid, and Hi gain control — superficially similar to a shelving EQ, though the central frequency and Q parameters of each band are, in fact, dynamically set by the mindful MasteringBOX system itself in accordance with the track´s spectral response.