Contest: Get a PRO Account 1 YEAR for FREE!

Do you want a PRO Account on MasteringBOX for 1 Year absolutely FREE? Join our Give away to enter the contest.


PrizeWinnerRandom Sorting ID
1: PRO UNLIMITED Accountvartq011D85DF-A1FE-407D-AB65-9FF7991FF57C
2: PRO AccountOren Galiki0342E226-30CE-4977-B354-932C659D63CF

Winners please contact us here with your registration email or nickname so we can provide the prize.

You can check it on RandomPicker

——— Original Post ———

You only have to like us on FacebookTwitter or Google plus and share our Give away post and you will get the chance to obtain a premium service valued over 100€!

If you use Facebook first like us on Facebook and then share this post, make sure to make it Public or we won’t be able to count your share. If you rather use Twitter just follow us and re-tweet this. You can also follow us on Google Plus and share this post .Or you can do all and you will have 3X chances to win!

Additionally we will also give away a PRO UNLIMITED account if we receive more than 100 entries to the contest.

Contest submissions will close on May 29 and the draw will be on May 30 using RandomPicker. The winners will be shared publicly on the website and social media and their account will be upgraded to a Pro Account for 1 YEAR.

What are you waiting for? Join now!

UPDATE: Google Plus users can now enter the contest, additionally Instagram users can enter the contest by following MasteirngBOX on Instagram and commenting the contest photo.

UPDATE 2: We have more than 100 submissions! We will also give away a PRO UNLIMITED account! Draw will be finally done on June 1.

Post image under Creative Commons License by Markus Thorsen

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