Annual billing – Save up to 30%

We’ve recently updated our pricing to include an annual billing option, with up to a 30% of discount.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing a subscription on MasteringBOX, why not save money with the annual billing? The characteristics of the subscription are the same but you will save from 22% to 30% depending on the type of subscription. The renewal WAV master credits on the PRO account are also renewed monthly with the annual subscription.

With the annual payment the PRO account costs 7€/month instead of 9€/month (22.2%), the Unlimited account costs 14€ instead of 19€ (26.3%) and the Studio account is 27€ instead of 39€ (30.8%).

We also made some adjustments to the PRO account, for new subscribers, the number of uncompressed WAV masters offered will be 3 per month, instead of 5. Existing subscribers will still receive 5 WAV masters per month.

Post Picture under Creative Commons by Owen Moore

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