Suggest a topic and we’ll write about it

Is there anything you’d like us to discuss on our blog? Suggest a topic and we may write about it! Is that simple.

Why is that?

We want to help you produce your music and improve your sound, and the best way to do this is through learning. So, maybe you are struggling with EQ, or perhaps you don’t know how to compress your vocals. There’re so many topics to comprehend as a music producer, now it’s your chance to decide what you want to learn next.

So, what are you waiting for?…

It’s your turn now, think about that article your are missing, or maybe you need a second opinion on your favorite topic. Let us know! Just leave a comment here and request your article, there’s a good chance we will write about it.

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  1. radiomixco says:

    Dear Sirs of Masteringbox:

    Firstly, I congratulate you on the issues you publish, they are of interest.

    I am writing to propose a topic that interests me, and is, if possible: How to perform a good mastering with Audacity.

    Awaiting your comments, warmly welcome you from Guatemala.

  2. didac says:

    Hi Radiomixco,

    Thank you for your comment, however, I don’t think Audacity is the proper software to master your tracks with. If you want to master your tracks yourself I recommend WaveLab or SourceForge. Anyway, you can also master your tracks through MasteringBOX and save all the trouble, have you tried our service?


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