MasteringBOX takes Privacy very seriously. In this page you can see which information will be used, how if will be handled and who can access it.

What information is Used?

In order to provide, improve and protect our Service we will collect and store information you provide:

Cookies:  We use “cookies” to provide and improve our Services. This is for example to identify a returning user and log him automatically if “Remember Me” button was pressed by the user, to improve load speed, for security and other applications.

Account: We collect and store your Name, email and Billing information if provided.

Use: MasteringBOX stores the tracks your provide for you download or share them. We also analize and collect info about the tracks, such as loudness and frequency measures, style, input format, etc. To improve our Service.

Access: We recieve information provided by your device. This goes from IP address, browser type, screensize, the referer website and other device data.  Depending on your device settings location information may also be transmitted. We will only store this information temporary for security reasons.

How do we handle data?

MasteringBOX works constantly to secure your information, by improving and testing the service against vulnerabilities. The data is stored in our servers in Canada and/or Spain. Your information won’t be stored more than necessary, if you terminate your account, the information will be erased from our servers. Please take note this process might be delayed so we can comply with our legal obligations.

Who has access?

To provide and improve the Service MasteringBOX staff will be able to access the information stored. We will not share your information with third parties unless is necessary by Law & Order. We may disclose your information to comply with the law, prevent or protect MasteringBOX from abuse, fraud or property rights violation.