MasteringBOX high-fives fifth anniversary with well-timed promotion alongside quality advancements

MasteringBOX is proud to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its namesake online mastering platform — powered by smart artificial intelligence that can cleverly detect the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the program material being mastered and apply appropriate adjustments to provide better sound and proper loudness to mixes with a fast and easy-to-use service, so amateur producers and independent artists alike can achieve great results that can compare to professional studio work — with a well-timed promotion alongside a quality quintet of website and Android app advancements, as of May 27…

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MasteringBOX 2.0 – A New Mastering Experience

MasteringBOX is proud to announce availability of MasteringBOX 2.0 — presenting a new, sleek and easier to use mastering experience, allowing for simultaneous uploading, editing, and mastering audio with numerous new features for making mastering even easier.

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Types of EQ

EQ can be used to change the character or the sound of an instrument, you can use an equalizer to alter the harmonics or the frequency.

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